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Ken Fury


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Fine art jewelry and artwork by Ken fury

Since 2008, Ken's dedication to originality and innovation has shaped his unique style of fine art jewelry, with each piece meticulously handmade by Ken himself using only the finest materials.


The Jewelry


Each jewelry piece is expertly handcrafted to the highest quality by Ken Fury, utilizing traditional metalsmithing techniques such as hand-fabrication, carving, and lost-wax casting.


Ken's jewelry harmoniously blends inspiration from his artwork along with his heritage, creating pieces that are authentic, innovative, and timeless.


one of a kind

Ken specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind original works of art. He is renowned for his unique style that seamlessly embodies the essence of individuality and creativity.


Commission a one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry piece, including wedding rings, pendants, and more.

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About The Artist

Ken Fury (Kenneth Marez Jr.) works in multiple mediums, including painting, jewelry, music, dance, poetry, photography, and filmmaking. Fury lives in New York City and grew up in Pueblo, Colorado, and is of Nuevomexicano and Indigenous Genízaro descent from southern Colorado and New Mexico. His work explores the polarities of existence–creation and destruction–and the relationship between humans and nature. His art expands on multi-dimensional figurations, abstractions, and spaces derived from his dreams, subconscious, and life experiences. Love, mortality, transformation, eroticism, spirituality, and the ongoing effects of colonization permeate Fury’s body of work.



This necklace, both stone and craftsmanship, are extraordinary, and Ken was tremendously responsive and very helpful in getting this piece shipped to me overseas. I could not be happier with the necklace, or with this experience! 

-Sarah S. Zurich. Switzerland

I've been a customer since 2008 and he's always expanding his talents. I was fortunate enough to have him create custom wedding rings for my wife and I. His ability to create timeless pieces through jewelry, music, art, and dance is outstanding. 

- Francisco D. New York City

Gorgeous print, even more beautiful in person on paper. Easy process, would definitely purchase again. 

-Jim M. Los Angeles, CA

This is the second ring I have purchased from Ken Fury and I love how it came out. Such detailed work that he put into this ring and it gets plenty of compliments from friends and family. He was able to deliver it in a timely manner and the final product was better than expected. Thanks Ken!! 

-Murphy O. New York City

Ken Fury makes the best jewelry, in my opinion.So different, so authentic! My favorite jewelry to wear is rings, and the “organic” ring he has crafted for me has caught the attention of so many eyes. When they ask where I’ve gotten it from, I direct them straight to Ken Fury! 

However, I can talk forever about his prints, so in short, I’ll at least explain how abstract they are, such a mysterious explosion of creative release. If your wall in your home or place of living does not have a print, you definitely need one!

- Jonathan O. Florida