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My current mixed-media paintings explore the environments of my homelands of southern Colorado and New Mexico, combined with supernatural spaces inhabited by transformative beings representing spirits and ancestors that take on various forms, including parts of animals, humans, figurative shapes, and elements of nature. Each character and scene offers a glimpse into their stories and worlds. My inspiration derives from my dreams, life experiences, and my Nuevomexicano and Indigenous Genízaro heritage. 

As I honor, explore, and reflect on the diverse connections of my past, I express them through my art as an instrument of healing, resilience, and awareness. I focus on creating new narratives that are symbolic, imaginative, and still rooted in reality with the grounding message showing the relationship between nature and humans and how we are all connected in the physical and invisible worlds around and within us.

My creative process usually starts with experimenting with a concept of the scene or character I want to depict while remaining open and letting the subconscious direct the painting as it evolves naturally. I use various materials, including acrylic, spray paint, airbrush, and ink, to achieve layered textures and saturated effects on paper, wood panels, canvas, and leather surfaces.