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Eagle (Sterling Silver Cuff)

Sale price$2,200.00

Crafted with expert precision, the Eagle cuff by Ken Fury is a stunning limited edition piece showcasing this noble bird's natural beauty and grace. Hand-carved and cast in sterling silver, this cuff features intricate details and genuine leather accents that add a touch of rugged elegance. As a symbol of strength, freedom, and wisdom, the eagle has been revered in many cultures as a guide and protector. 

Size of the Eagle, excluding the chain: 135 mm x 47mm (widest point)

Size of opening: 65mm (beak to end feathers)

Weight: roughly 135 grams in 925 Sterling Silver.

This piece is made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


Eagle (Sterling Silver Cuff)
Eagle (Sterling Silver Cuff) Sale price$2,200.00