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My jewelry is a reflection of my artwork intertwined with my heritage and a vision of the future.

My journey into the world of jewelry began in childhood when my grandmother collected and sold jewelry at local flea markets in Pueblo, Colorado. Her love for jewelry left an unforgettable mark on our family, as many of us proudly wore the pieces she gifted us. When I moved to New York City to pursue a career as a dancer at 18, I embarked on a self-guided exploration of jewelry making since it was challenging to find pieces that resonated with me. I started teaching myself the techniques of wire wrapping and bead stringing. After failed attempts to teach myself how to metalsmith, which was quite dangerous, I enrolled in Studio Jewelers Ltd. in Manhattan, where I refined my skills and graduated in 2009.

I focus on creating unique pieces that explore otherworldly shapes, symbols, and organic organisms like plants, trees, spirits, and animals. I draw inspiration from my paintings, my homelands, and my Neuvomexicano (Spanish and Indigenous) and Indigenous Genízaro heritage from southern Colorado and New Mexico. While learning the history of southwestern jewelry and the fusion of Spanish and Indigenous practices and cultures, including shared symbols and techniques, I found how this mirrored my family's intricate history, including having artists and metalsmiths on both sides of my family. I felt this deepened my connection to jewelry making and inspired me to contribute to my culture and honor my ancestors.

I love all things handmade, especially in the world of mass production and consumerism, where items are thrown away without value. Jewelry is a sacred art that carries stories and cultures forth as a time capsule while also being used as a powerful amulet and tool for protection and healing. I take great care and time in the making of each piece using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as hand fabrication, carving, and lost wax casting. I specialize in one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces that are made to be passed down through the generations. I use the finest metals and stones, including turquoise, mined from my home area in the American Southwest. I make each piece in my studio in Queens, NY, with the utmost attention to detail to ensure each one is durable, wearable, and original. Through my jewelry, I aspire to share my vision with you in hopes of igniting your imagination and uplifting your spirit! 

-Ken Fury


Photo by Ken Fury taken in Southern Colorado.
Photo of Ken Fury by Taranita Costales at The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado