Ken Fury

Opal World No. 1 (Genuine Australian Precious Opal, 10K Solid Yellow Gold Pendant)


Opal World no. 1 is a breathtaking pendant crafted by Ken Fury from 10K solid yellow gold and adorned with a stunning genuine Australian precious opal. The unique and intricate design of the pendant showcases the opal's incredible play of color, featuring shades of pink, purple, green, and orange that seem to dance and change with the light. Opals have been revered for centuries for their mystical and healing properties, and the precious Australian variety is known to be among the most vibrant and sought-after in the world. This one-of-a-kind piece is meticulously hand-carved and cast by the artist, making it a true work of art.

Stone size: 4.160ct 14mm x 10mm 

Overall size: 29 mm x 12 mm


A 10K solid yellow gold 18-inch round cable chain is available as an option.



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