Colorado White Sage Bundle with Calcite Stone


Colorado White Sage (Artemisia Ludoviciana)

I harvest the Sage from my homelands of Pueblo, Colorado, and also in the tops of the high mountains of San Isabel. I collect the raw Calcite stones in the prairies nearby. I do not charge for the Sage itself; I charge for the Calcite stone and shipping costs. Sage is a sacred medicine for us Native peoples that has been used for thousands of years and is meant for healing and sharing and shouldn't have a price placed on it.

Even though Sage is sold in various stores by non-native sellers and suppliers, it is harmful to Native communities, and it is cultural appropriation. Before the Indian Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) of August 11, 1978, it was illegal for Native Americans to practice or discuss any of their teachings or ceremonies in public without fear of retaliation or incarceration. This includes smudging with Sage. While many of us have lost teachings that were destroyed by colonization, the smudging of Sage survived and has a deep significance to many of us Indigenous peoples. This is important history to know, especially if one is not Native and would like to acquire Sage. Therefore, if you purchase Sage, please get it from an Indigenous seller and research the cultural significance to better understand the history and meaning.

Bundles are limited in quantity and seasonal.

The price is for one individual bundle.
Sizes range from 7.5’’- 8.5’’ inches.  

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