The Quaking Aspen


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This painting is inspired by my home area in Colorado and also the teachings the Aspen tree shares with us. The Aspen trees that are living together are part of one living organism and the mother roots can live for thousands of years. The oldest living organism and the heaviest on Earth is the Aspen clone in Utah dated at 80,000 years old! They are resilient to harsh weather and also wildfires, in which they sprout new trees quickly. They usually live for a little over 100 years and then clone themselves to continue to live. They are edible to animals and humans and have medicinal properties as well. If you ever find yourself next to an Aspen tree, listen to the sound of the leaves to understand how they got their name — The Quaking Aspen.

This painting is 22 x 15 inches.
Acrylic on watercolor paper. 

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